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Brexit, ESOL and EFA

Posted by Dermot on 5 Jul 2016

"I was planning to stay here but now I don't know" "I don't feel welcome anymore"  "What will happen to the economy?" "Be nice and friendly to all migrants"...

Brexit for ESOL teachers

Posted by Dermot on 5 Jul 2016

The result of the EU referendum is having a massive impact on ESOL teachers and students. This post is mostly for ESOL teachers as they try to be supportive and hopeful when they are probably in need of support and hope themselves....

A safe home for Kenza and her family

Posted by Ariel on 4 Jul 2016

In recent years, one of EFA’s most requested class topics has been housing. Many of us are suffering from precarious housing situations and experiencing the London housing crisis first hand....

#LoveESOL Day

Posted by Ariel on 30 Mar 2016

Jess Walker...

EFA-SOAS language exchange

Posted by Dermot on 16 Mar 2016

EFA is teaming up with students from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) to organise a language exchange. Do you speak Farsi/Dari, Arabic, Urdu, Bengali or Amharic? We need you to participate! You teach your language and you learn English, all through conversation....

Congratulations Kavita!

Posted by Dermot on 16 Mar 2016

Congratulations to EFA student Kavita who choreographed a flash mob in central London last weekend. She teaches Bollywood dance and other Indian dances too if you want to learn........

Happy International Women's Day!

Posted by Dermot on 8 Mar 2016


New class for Syrian refugees

Posted by Dermot on 9 Feb 2016

Yesterday we kicked off a brand new course particularly aimed at helping Syrian refugees in west London where there is a growing Syrian community. There were 15 students and seven people from the local community who have set up a mentoring programme....

Our Streatham class breaks EFA record!

Posted by Dermot on 9 Feb 2016

We had 16 students and 16 nationalities at our class in Streatham. New record for EFA, we think. Could this happen in any other city?!

EFA is looking for a fundraising manager!

Posted by Cait on 3 Feb 2016

Are you really good at raising money? EFA is looking for an experienced and creative fundraising manager. This is a role to make your own: we are open to your ideas about how the job and the charity can develop....