About Us

We believe that language skills can enable people to have a social, economic and political voice, and that better and more ESOL provision fosters greater confidence, community and capacity for action. We also know however that language is not a silver bullet and we need to bring about structural change to create a more equal society. Our vision is of a London where people are fully able to participate in and help create a just and equal society, regardless of where they are from.

At English for Action, we:

  1. Provide participatory, action-orientated English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes for migrants across London.
  2. Organise for change, and support migrant communities to organise for change too.
  3. Take action on the issues that emerge in the classes, alongside our students.
  4. Develop and share our community organising and ESOL methods through research, training and external communications.
  5. Campaign for better-funded, more accessible ESOL provision.

We aim to reach those who may miss out on mainstream ESOL courses due to waiting lists or cost, or other access issues, and ensure migrants can access participatory ESOL classes and community organising opportunities that equip them to bring about change.