Adela Belecova

Teacher-Organiser, Lead on Strategy & Campaigning

Adela has been at EFA since 2014. She has a degree in Linguistics and English language teaching. During her degree, among other subjects, she studied Second Language Acquisition, and did a teaching placement at a community centre in East London with a focus on participatory ESOL. She is passionate about how the ESOL classroom can serve as a context to examine the world critically, the dialogical aspect of participatory education, and how this enables ESOL students to build their skills and get involved in action to bring about positive change to themselves and their communities.

She has led on a number of community organising projects as well as the #LoveESOL campaign. Her approach to community organising, campaigning, as well as management, is rooted in ‘starting where the people are.’ This is especially important to her, as she is a migrant to the UK and a non-native speaker of English, so she has experienced firsthand what it’s like learning a new context from the beginning. Adela does this through her focus on developing leadership skills in those she is working with.

Adela is interested in trauma, psychotherapy and healing practices; this informs her work and approach to life.