• Our ‘Henry Cavendish School’ class (online) have been looking at social media these past few lessons. Teachers often ask how participatory ESOL works in terms of a framework and planning. Often we take a ‘generative theme’ like Social Media in this case and explore it over a number of sessions (normally between 3 and 12 […]
  • The ESOL Podcast returns to our series on ESOL and Community Organising this week. In part 4, English for Action students talk about taking action and evaluating how successful that action is. In the final episode out next the students will talk about their experiences of using Community Organising. Community organising is a method of […]
  • We are a group English for Action ESOL students who attended a community organising training, which gave birth to People in Action (PIA). As migrants we suffer many problems, and this is why we have decided to help our communities. Together we can be powerful. How did we get this idea? EFA is an organization […]
  • One of our classes runs in collaboration with the wonderful The Voice of Domestic Workers, a group led by migrant domestic workers. The group campaigns tirelessly, raising awareness and building alliances. It’s a powerful network of mutual aid, helping escapees find help, supporting each other through difficult times. Many members attend the EFA ESOL class. […]
  • Following our recent #LoveESOL meeting with the GLA, we’ve been exploring the topic in our classes. In one class we looked at writing a social media post, and developing knowledge of the genre. Students discussed the details of the day so they were clear, then drafted a five sentence post for FB or Instagram. We […]