• In a recent advanced ESOL class in Hackney, led by EFA teacher Anne, the group worked together to read a Telegraph article with the goal of gleaning the ‘gist’ of its contents and being able to produce a quick, accurate summary of the story. The class aimed to pull the key message out of the […]
  • Prepared ahead of English for Action’s 2021 Participatory ESOL conference, this working paper on theory and best practices for encouraging strong learning communities was put together by EFA teacher Robin Sivapalan. Key themes include: A brief review of Paolo Freire’s education philosophy and the origins of Participatory ESOL Group Analysis The psychology behind group support […]
  • Our ‘Henry Cavendish School’ class (online) have been looking at social media these past few lessons. Teachers often ask how participatory ESOL works in terms of a framework and planning. Often we take a ‘generative theme’ like Social Media in this case and explore it over a number of sessions (normally between 3 and 12 […]
  • The ESOL Podcast returns to our series on ESOL and Community Organising this week. In part 4, English for Action students talk about taking action and evaluating how successful that action is. In the final episode out next the students will talk about their experiences of using Community Organising. Community organising is a method of […]
  • We are a group English for Action ESOL students who attended a community organising training, which gave birth to People in Action (PIA). As migrants we suffer many problems, and this is why we have decided to help our communities. Together we can be powerful. How did we get this idea? EFA is an organization […]