• Last week, Edinburgh-based Theatre of the Oppressed group Active Inquiry brought Julian Boal to Scotland to give a three-day training that brought together theatre practitioners, educators and activists from around the UK. A couple of us from EFA made the journey and are really glad we did. For those new to this, Theatre of the […]
  • Written by EFA Teacher-Organiser Fatime Jadallah A couple of weeks ago we finished the topic of health care in one of my Brent classes (online). The theme emerged from check-ins. One of my students said that they had to go to the hospital, but struggled a lot with language. ‘Language barrier in health care’ seemed […]
  • In one of our classes recently several students spoke about health problems in the check in at the beginning of our class, so health as a topic seemed a good one to discuss. We talked about how our health is, what we do to look after our health and also about the NHS. Talking about […]
  • Does your council love ESOL? The local elections are less than three months away and last week EFA students from all seven EFA boroughs met in central London to plan how we can get ESOL on the agenda. We started by watching this new video to remind us why we had assembled and to celebrate […]
  • “Not speaking English…it’s like you don’t exist.” For thousands of migrants across London, finding an affordable and accessible English course is one of the major barriers standing in the way of their involvement in and contribution to their communities. But learning English? It opens doors. Migreat! is a project focused on changing narratives around migration […]