• By Ziheng Liew, EFA Volunteer, and Fatime Jadallah, EFA teacher-organiser On Saturday, 22 July, over 100 people (ESOL students, volunteers, teachers and other supporters) gathered in St. John’s Church in Waterloo to as part of our #LoveESOL campaign to improve access to English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) provision across Greater London. Our campaigning […]
  • By Robin Sivapalan, EFA teacher-organiser and Brent hub lead Fifteen Participatory ESOL teachers made it along to the two meet-ups we held in the busy penultimate week of the Summer 2023 term. We’re looking forward to September, carrying forward a theme from the conference – creating connections and relationships in the classroom. Monday’s meet-up considered […]
  • By Dermot Bryers, EFA teacher-organiser and Pedagogy lead We’ve been discussing and learning about climate change in class lately. As part of this theme, we wanted to reach out to the Mayor of London to advocate for changes in our community that would have a positive impact on our neighbourhoods. We have sent the Mayor’s […]
  • Greenwich By Lucie Vyhnálková, EFA teacher-organiser and Greenwich hub lead ‘Compassion’ was the motto of this year’s Refugee Week (19-25 June 2023). We discussed what compassion means in our weekly, Greenwich-based ESOL classes hosted in-person at Robert Owen Children’s Centre and online. We found translating the word into our other languages helped us. Students expressed their […]
  • By Robin Sivapalan, EFA teacher-organiser and Brent hub lead Between EFA’s Our World class and our Sunday ESOL class in partnership with The Voice of Domestic Workers, we’ve been having interesting discussions about social mobility and social inequality. Longstanding EFA student Tereshina sent me a copy of a book — hot off the press — […]