Brexit Day!

EFA are organising a Brexit Day for ESOL teachers and students. The aims of the workshop are to learn about Brexit, share our thoughts and feelings and plan action together.


Many of our students are from EU countries and are concerned about the future. All of our teachers and students, irrespective of citizenship and origin are concerned about the rise in xenophobia and racism in the wake of the Brexit vote. So we wanted to put on a workshop that will help ESOL students and teachers to learn about the issues and work out what we can do to build fair, inclusive and equal communities in this changed world.


Pembroke House, 80 Tatum Street, London, SE17 1QR.


This Saturday! 15th October 1-5pm (bring lunch to share and we will start promptly at 1.30pm)


In a participatory and democratic way. Lots of discussion and participatory tools from start to finish.


ESOL students, ESOL teachers and migrants’ rights activists