Community Organising

It’s in the name! We’re called English for Action because we support our students to take action on the social justice issues that are important to them, as well as supporting and leading campaigns ourselves as an organisation. 

We create change through an approach called ‘community organising’, which builds the skills, confidence, and networks of ordinary people to effect change. Community organisers listen to people’s concerns, build teams, and train them to be change-makers. 

In classes, we nurture relationships between participants to improve their ‘relational power’, focus on lived experiences in our dialogue, and use community organising frameworks for analysing problems.

We are a member of Citizens UK, a home of community organising in the UK, in East and South London. Through this relationship, our students can access leadership training, get involved in campaigns in their local area, and enlist support for their own campaigns.

We are also grateful to Community Organisers Ltd for funding our organising in east London, where we have now trained over 150 ESOL students in community organising.

Community organising fuels our migrant rights campaigning. Some of the campaigns we’re currently involved in are LoveESOL and the Southwark and Lambeth Housing Action Group.