Fatime Jadallah

Teacher-Organiser, Volunteer Coordinator

Before joining EFA London in 2020, Fatime completed a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics with TESOL at the University of Kent. There, she taught international students and volunteered as an English language teacher teaching refugees. She also conducted research focusing on bilingualism/phonetics where she looked at the effect of second-language learning on the production of native and non-native sounds by Hungarian learners of English living in the UK. Her interests lie in bi- and multilingualism, second language development particularly in a migrant context, identity and language and accents. She is also interested in materials development, syllabus design and language learning, in general. She considers the latter as one of her hobbies, too.

Fatime loves EFA’s participatory approaches to teaching and community organising, and she loves to see its positive impacts on people. She finds EFA (and her colleagues) inspiring.

She is originally from Hungary (although you wouldn’t guess that from her name, as she also has a Palestinian heritage) and, apart from languages, she’s interested in psychology and reading books.