Help us fund the things that migrants really need

Regular donations:

This is what we really need. Migrants are weathering uncertain times and regular monthly support from you means we can be a reassuring constant in their lives.

£15 per month means a mother can bring her child to our creche once a week for a whole year. Lack of creches means than women are forced to give up on their education.  Donations can be made via Paypal and can be cancelled at any time. To donate by bank transfer or another way, please get in touch

Donations are very gratefully received – however big or small and a little goes a long way with EFA. 

£15 will pay for one of our participants to attend a 2-hour class. 

£20 will pay for our community organiser to meet with one of our participants in order to offer them support and develop their leadership skills.

£60 will pay for creche workers to support 1 class, and make it possible for parents with small children to attend. 

One off donations: