Info for volunteers

How volunteering works at EFA

Thank you for volunteering as a classroom assistant at EFA London.

This webpage is designed as a guide to volunteering at EFA. However, if you have any other questions, please contact Ariel ( who will be happy to help.



Volunteering Timeline

What happens after you are accepted as a volunteer. 


Straight away:

  • The teacher you will be assisting will process your DBS application with the school (where required). They’ll let you know the documents you’ll need to bring in.
  • The teacher will have a one-to-one meeting with you after your first or second session as a volunteer. This will be to get more of a sense of what you’d like to get out of volunteering (and what we can do to support you). They’ll also ask you to sign a form confirming you have read and understood our safeguarding policy.


In your first term:

  • Ariel, our volunteer coordinator will send you an email to check how things are going.
  • You will be invited to attend a training for our volunteer classroom assistants. This will cover the basics of how we work and how you can best support our teachers. It will probably take place before or after one of our termly organizational trainings – which you’ll also be invited to attend.


After six months:

  • We will invite you to come in and meet with Dermot, our CEO. This is to get your feedback on how volunteering has been so far and how we at EFA London can support your development. You may have other skills or ideas for the organisation that we didn’t know about, so this will be a good chance for us to get to know you better.



What to expect from your time with EFA

Basic responsibilities:

  • To attend the class every week, and let the teacher know by text at least 24 hours before the class starts if you are unable to attend.
  • To follow the teacher’s direction wherever possible, in order to support the class.
  • To embody EFA’s values of showing respect to all participants in the group.
  • To read and understand our safeguarding policy (see page ) and (if necessary) the safeguarding policy of the host school where the class is held.
  • Attend our volunteers’ training (we’ll let you know when the next one is being held).
  • To let us know if you have any problems or complaints about EFA London or any other person or organisations you’ve encountered during your time volunteering with us. We want to make sure you feel safe. We also appreciate any feedback you have of the volunteering experience that we can learn from to improve the way we do things.

Getting the most out of volunteering at EFA:


As a volunteer, you will be invited to all of our staff and volunteers’ training. They happen once a term and cover topics like ‘using drama in the ESOL classroom’, ‘teaching writing in the ESOL classroom’ etc. Our trainings are something you could put on your CV if you are applying for roles related to education.

Meeting other people:

We really value our volunteers as part of our team. You will be invited to all of our end of term celebrations, which are for EFA employees, trustees and volunteers.


Stay in touch online:

  • We will invite you to join the EFA London volunteers facebook group for current and past volunteers. This is a place to share information, job offers, events etc with other people who’ve volunteered at EFA.
  • ‘Like’ our facebook page, sign up to our mailing list and follow us on twitter in order to keep up with EFA news.

Other ways you can support us:

We are very grateful that you are volunteering with us and there is absolutely no expectation that you will do anything above and beyond supporting our classes. However, if you are interested in supporting EFA in other ways, you could:

  • Donate to EFA via our webpage –
  • Fundraise for EFA by organising an event or getting friends and family to sponsor you doing something. To discuss fundraising ideas talk to Cait (
  • Help us with other skills you have – we are particularly in need of web designers, photographers and film makers!


Important documents


As a volunteer, you will be required to join in our safeguarding efforts at EFA London. You can read the policy here. We ask that you read the policy before your first class. Once you start volunteering, the teacher you are working with will check that you have read and understood the policy.