Our Approach

Our style of teaching, developed through years of teaching and organising, is best known as ‘participatory ESOL’. Fundamentally, it is:

Human: Our classroom is a place where people are valued, listened to, included, supported and have an active involvement in the content of their classes. Students are encouraged to communicate meaningfully about their situation and experiences before focusing on the technicals of a new language. We also believe the classroom is a place where friendships and supportive relationships can develop.

Democratic and collaborative: Everyone in the group participates in decision-making. Students are encouraged to engage in a critical way, asking questions and examining causes and consequences. By treating everyone with respect and challenging established hierarchies inside the classroom, students are better equipped to change the world outside the classroom.

Practical and action-oriented: We encourage in-depth group discussion on problems which are relevant to our students, and analyse causes and solutions to problems using tools such as ‘problem trees’. Students are also encouraged and supported to take action to change their lives and communities for the better.

Accessible: We deliver courses in community locations that are familiar and at times that are convenient for our students, arranging free crèches where we can. 

You can find further background on our teaching style here.