Our Impact

Since our founding in 2006, we have:

  • Delivered 10,800+ classes to over 4,000 students who are speakers of diverse languages including Amharic, Arabic, Bengali/Sylheti, Dari, Pashto, Polish, Spanish, and Urdu. 
  • Supported multiple successful and wide-reaching campaigns including the Living Wage Campaign, Patients not Passports, Promote the Migrant Vote, and #LifttheBan, which included over 240 charities, trade groups, faith organisations, and businesses. The petition to #LifttheBan garnered over 180,000 signatures which were presented to the Home Office.
  • Supported migrants to organise, which has led to action on:
    • Greater provision of ESOL: LoveESOL is a coalition of 40+ organisations, of which EFA is proud to be a founding member. We’ve held six major events at or with City Hall on the annual day of European Languages (26th September). Two MPs have publicly supported our work, and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has included it in his current manifesto.
    • ESOL funding and civic engagement: EFA staff and students created a toolkit used in ESOL classrooms across the country, amplified a petition that gained over 42,000 signatures, and produced a key manifesto to bring together concerns from across the sector. 
    • Overcrowded housing: 60 ESOL students have supported a successful campaign which led Southwark Council to revise outdated and unjust housing policy. Members have also been involved in housing waiting list consultations, and succeeded in getting the ‘Temp2Settled’ policy dropped in Lambeth. Southwark ESOL students also launched a Housing Action group alongside Housing Action Southwark & Lambeth to support EFA students with acute housing challenges.
    • Access to employment: EFA ESOL students in East London have helped to secure 100 paid apprenticeships from Hackney Council for those from migrant backgrounds, as well as working alongside local partners like ELATT to develop a relationship with the East End Trades Guild in the aim of securing further paid work placements for ESOL students.
    • Better working conditions for cleaners: EFA has joined the Cleaners United coalition led by Amanda Walters, campaigning for improved working conditions for commercial cleaning workers across the UK. The Cleaners United coalition’s current Safe Sick Pay campaign, aiming to guarantee sick pay for all cleaners, has been recognised as part of the Labour Party manifesto ahead of the 2024 elections.
    • Improving health outcomes: Over 100 ESOL students accessed multilingual informational workshops organised by EFA and led by qualified professionals on topics ranging from COVID-19 and vaccines to mental health and nutrition.

Our 2023 Impact Report

Our 2021-2022 Annual Report & Accounts