UK Immigrant Voices

The Guardian Newspaper asked for migrants to share their stories about life in the UK. So we obliged:

My name is wang. I was bored in China. I moved london with my family four monthes ago.
I met my huaband in Tokyo. He is American. We married and had my daughter. So we decided to move back China. My husband found new job in Shanghai.  We moved Shanghai three years ago. First year was fine. But winter of second year air pullotion got very bad. Some day air pollution index was over 500. My daughter got pneumonia and my husband got bronchitis. He coughed whole night for almost one month.  We really felt danger for family health. So we decided to move to a city with good environment. My husband asked company to move him to London branch. Luck! London branch need people.
We just have been here for four monthes. We  find out that we really like this city. The air is good and food is safe. Most people are polite and respect each other. Teachers in my daughter school are very helpful. Schools have free English lesson for foreigner parents. I lived in Tokyo for 15 years. First year I got very homesick and depressed. So I am trying to arrange my life. And visit museums with my daughter I take English lesson and cooking lesson.  Find change to meet new people.   My family and I enjoy the life now.
I hope my country will get better and learn from other countries history to change the air pollution and food
Problem. The sky will become blue just like London.