Battersea Story-telling workshop and Saci Perere

Yesterday we had a day of story-telling for families in Battersea. We started with the story of Little Red Riding Hood, which was a familiar story with an unfamiliar title for most of the group. We discussed the moral, the meaning of the wolf and the various endings. Does the wolf eat Little Red Riding Hood? Are the grandmother and the daughter saved by the woodcutter? Who is the woodcutter? Why the need for a happy ending?

Then students worked in group to develop story-boards of a familiar story. We told the story of Cinderella, the Three Little Pigs and Brazilian folk hero Saci Perere. Saci Perere is a type of forest nymph and he is a myth told by the indigenous tribes of the Brazilian Amazon. He is a trickster and a custodian of the forest. By coincidence, yesterday was Saci Perere Day in Brazil. 

At the end we shared the stories and had a delicious lunch together. Thanks to Katherine Low Settlement for hosting us.