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We want to raise £2000 to run free film and editing workshops with adult migrants in our English classes. This will enable them to create videos about their lives and the issues they care about.

Learning English is essential for people arriving in the UK. Without English, it’s very difficult to get the jobs they want, to understand their workers’ rights, to visit the GP or talk to neighbours. We believe free English classes should be part of the welcome that we give to refugees and migrants when they arrive in this country. We run 24 free classes a week across London.

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The problem:
Students in our English classes are reporting a sharp increase in racist abuse on the streets, being shouted at to ‘speak English’ as they go about their business, or having to defend their right to live here peacefully. The narrative that we hear about migrants and refugees in the media is increasingly hostile and our students are scared about their future here.

Here’s what we are doing about it:

We are going to run 3 free worksops in filming and editing skills to empower our students to tell their stories and campaign for their rights. The workshops will focus on basic skills needed to make a video on a mobile phone so that migrants and refugees can document their stories, and make quick campaign videos for issues that matter to them.

Our classes are warm, inclusive spaces. Students will learn filming skills, but they will also get to know each other and get practical support to improve their lives.

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It will cost £2000 to pay for a filmmaker to teach the workshops, all the technical equipment we will need, and venue costs. Please donate whatever you can.