Community Organising for All! – EFA and partners kick off three-year EU project

Community Organising For All! is the rallying cry of our latest transnational Erasmus+ project.

EFA teacher-organiser Dermot works on a written exercise reflecting on the risks of leader-led organising and remedies to these challenges.

At EFA, we have embarked on a new, European Union-funded research and training project designed to develop more inclusive approaches to Community Organising. We’ve partnered up with Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners Giolli Cooperative (Italy), POKAZ (Croatia), and Zavod BOB (Slovenia) to take stock of the work organisers are doing across our international contexts.

Across the project, we’ll be asking ‘What works?’ ‘What doesn’t?’ and ‘What can we do better?’ For more on the project, you can visit our dedicated page or follow the project on Facebook.

The journey began with a four-day Community Organising training in London last month, organised by EFA. We talked power, listening and leadership; we played games and shared experiences; and we evaluated the experience using creative and artistic methods.

EFA teacher-organiser Kasia (centre) and colleagues from our partner organisations get creative with a hands-on activity.

In the coming months, we will be working on an article and podcast to demystify Community Organising and support organisers, community leaders and practitioners who are looking to organise with their communities.

We want these resources to serve, so tell us what would help you. What do you want to know about community organising and how you could use it? Let us know at