EFA students write to Boris

We discussed Boris’ comments about learning English (see previous post) in class today. The students at St. Mary’s Battersea wrote letters in response.

Boris said:

“Everybody in London, everybody who comes to work in our economy, should be able to speak English.”

Teresinha said:

“I agree because really a person who lives in a place needs to know the local language if he/she wants to communicate”

Luis said:

“I think it helps people integrate economically and socially”

Boris said:

“We thought it was a very good idea to teach kids in their own language in primary school classes. It’s a disastrous approach. They should be learning in English”

Sonia and Afaf said:

“Our children never learnt their first language in school”

Ganxhe said:

“In my opinion children should learn English and home language or more than two but never to forget mother language”

Boris Said:

It is “complete nonsense” that official documents in Britain should be translated into many languages.

Saleha and Genet said:

“We don’t want translator because we want to learn English”

Sonia and Afaf said:

“Translation and interpreting is most important for the immigrants who come new to the country. That won’t stop people to learn English.”

Boris said:

English is not a difficult language, with many short words and simple grammar

Timnit and Saleha said:

English is not easy for adults because this is not first language and English words sometimes have different sounds and different spelling”

Saleha and Genet said:

“English is not an easy language because we are old. I need more time to learn English. I try in class and at home but not easy maybe if I study more ESOL class I might be able to speak English.”

Golsoom and Luz Marina said

“It is not that easy for us and you might find Dari, for example, quite hard”

Afaf and Sonia said:

“Of course it is easy for you as you are English. Can you please try to learn Arabic?”

Boris urged people with “rusty” (!!) English to take a course:

We all agreed but the “courses need to be funded and provide a creche” (Golsoon and Luz-Marina).

The last word belongs to Teresinha:

“Boris, we want you to listen to our words as a way to help you to find your dream to have everyone speaking in English in London”