Our Lambeth Hub is growing stronger.

We know from experience that the longer we work in an area, the better. More people find out about our classes and those already attending get to know eachother better as time goes on. Our ‘Lambeth hub’ classes have re-started for the new academic year and we have far more students, which is very exciting. Students have already exchanged useful information about their childrens’ schools, letting eachother know what other courses are available for parents. They’ve also been discussing what they want to learn this term. In our Henry Cavendish class, students also drew a map of Streatham and exchanged tips and information about local services and facilities. We’re going to keep this map to hand and continue to add to it as the term goes on. Meanwhile, in St. Bernadette’s School in Balham, students have seen an article that they worked on together published in the Crier Newsletter.


Image below: Participants at Henry Cavendish School want to learn English for talking to their GP, finding work, helping their kids with homework, talking on the phone, supporting children into higher education and dealing with Lambeth council.  

Students chose what language areas they thought would be most useful to learn