EFA and Chisenhale Primary School celebrate 10 years in partnership

EFA and Chisenhale Primary School (Tower Hamlets) have celebrated the 10-year anniversary of our very first ESOL class!

Students, former students, volunteers, school staff, EFA staff and partners all gathered together to celebrate, in a January event held at the school.

English for Action ESOL students and staff, as well as colleagues from Chisenhale Primary School, the Tate Modern, and Stitches in Time, gather for our 10-year anniversary celebration.

To commemorate the anniversary, we made a beautiful banner, with hand-designed and hand-embroidered visual stories of the ESOL class and EFA activities around the central motif ‘Love ESOL.’ This was all made possible by the wonderful work of Stitches in Time, who helped the students design and complete the project from start to finish.

The LoveESOL quilt, produced by English for Action ESOL learners with the support of Stitches in Time, hangs on display at the 10-year anniversary celebration.

To accompany the quilt, the project team prepared a ‘zine that tells the story of this project and the last 10 years at Chisenhale. In it, students also share their language journeys.

Check out the ‘zine below: