ESOL Teacher Training: Introduction to Participatory ESOL

This workshop, for ESOL teachers of all levels, provides a theoretical introduction to participatory ESOL pedagogy. In the workshop we will explore the key concepts and ideas that have influenced participatory ESOL, including the Freirean concepts of dialogic learning, coconstruction of knowledge, problem posing education and consciousness raising. We will also explore Reflect’s (ActionAid) educational philosophy and practical tools.

Although this is mainly a theoretical workshop, participants will use some of the practical applications of the theories too and they will consider how the pedagogy would work in their own contexts. As far as possible, it will draw out and build on participants’ existing knowledge of the theories presented. We will also look at examples of how different aspects of the pedagogy have been applied in UK contexts and we will provide some historical background to this pedagogy and how it has developed from 1960s Brazil to 2021 UK.


Concession: £20

Regular: £40

Sponsored by employer: £60

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Oct 19 2021


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm






English for Action London
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