Raising Bilingual Children

Our Battersea class are taking action to support parents who are bringing up children bilingually. The class have been working on bilingualism and want to share their knowledge with the local community. In particular they want to bust some of the myths that surround bilingualism, celebrate linguistic diversity and promote the languages of the local community. 

Five myths:

1 – Having two languages confuses children

2 – Children will end up mixing their languages

3 – Having more than one language will lead to speech delay

4 – It’s too late to teach chidlren a second language once they are two or three years old

5 – Chidlren will ;pick up languages automatically

The group has resolved to take action! We will:

  • create a leaflet in order to educate parents about bringing up chidlren with more than one language
  • organise an international day to celebrate the community’s linguistic diversity and teach parents how they can help their chidlren to develop mother tongue language skills
  • organise “community language” assemblies in local primary schools to be delivered by parents.
  • Organise games in the park for families with English as an additional language in order to hand out our leaflet and answer question

Watch this space for more news